Our Farms


Our Farms

A premium Coffee is the fruit of the perfect environment.

From Bean to Mug

The best coffee is grown in on rich volcanic soils found here in the highlands between 1400 to 2000 meters above sea level and does well under temperatures of 14 to 26°C.

Our farms are nestled in the rural heartland of Kenya, insulated from the hustle and bustle of the concrete urban concrete jungle.

Our coffee estates produce the wonderful taste of the finest Kenyan coffee renowned the world over.


Sustainable Farming Practice

At Servicoff Limited we emphasis on sustainable farming practice that conserve the environment and give back to the community around by providing employment and economic empowerment.

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The Perfect


Seedling Selection

Through continuous research and development we continued to perfect our coffee varieties to maximise on yield and disease resistance. As a result of sporadic weather conditions brought about by climate change it is also necessary for our varieties to be drought resistant. At our nurseries the highest quality seedlings are selected by choosing the ripest berries from the finest trees which bear the biggest fruit. That way the good quality of the tree and of the seed enters into the new plant, which will also yield many fine berries.

Watering & Plant Nutrients

Our production is mainy rain fed with water pans constructed at the farms for rain harvesting, however during the drier spell it becomes necessary to supplement the water supply from reservoirs constructed along local rivers.
Minimum use of ferterlizer is applied on our farms. Pulp from the processed coffee is recycled and applied as a mulch, the net effect of which is improved moisture retention in the soil and renewed soil nutrients and fertility.


Plant Health


Plant Renewal

The productive life of an Arabica coffee plant is 60 to 70 years, for the bush to remain productive for that long it requires careful tending and nurturing. Pruning is an important part of this process, it not only affects the quantity of coffee. Pruning renews the plant and ensures that weak and diseased limbs are removed from the plant ensuring that the plant stays young and productive throughout it’s life span.

Timing is Everything

The timing and method of this process are also major factor and can negatively affect production if not done properly. Once removed from the branches the stems are stripped of their leaves which are recycled as compost and the stems as a valuable source of renewable fuel.


Pest & Disease



The Impact

Coffee is generally susceptible to disease and pests that threaten not only individual tress and farms but an entire industry. This makes spraying with insecticides and fungicides an integral part of the growing process. We are conscious of the impact this has to the environment.

To reduce the impact on the environment we start by growing disease resistant varieties that require less use of chemical sprays and also rely more on the systemic and organic pest and disease control methods


Bringing in the


Harvesting Season

In our coffee growing regions, are two harvesting season in year, these are preceded by the rainy seasons. The main harvesting season last from late June into early to mid-August. Gangs of systematically hand pick individual berries going from bush to bush, row to row. This is done to ensure that only the ripe cherries are picked without disturbing the unripe green cherries on the coffee branch. Picking coffee in its most ripened stage is a challenge, as well an art.


Coffee is just like any other fruit, in that it has its peak, ripened stage. But unlike other fruits it has a short shelf life after picking and starts to deterioration begins immediately after the cherry has been picked from the tree. The sugars in the coffee bean begin to be converted to starches right away and leading to rot. It is therefore important to start processing the coffee immediately to ensure that the coffee cherries do not sit for more than 10 hours.


The Secret

To Our Quality

Removing the good to leave only the best.

The Best

From the Good

The secret to our quality is sorting: only the best and finest beans that meet our exacting standard will make into a bag of Servicoff coffee. To ensure that these standards are maintained at all times, our coffee goes multiple stages of sorting.

Starting from when the coffee is picked it is hand sorted to ensure only ripe, plump cherries make it to the pulping stage. From then on the coffee is constantly sorted and graded before and during every single process before moving to the next.